Jamaican Dream

Jamaican Lions x Dream Dog Kush - 18.2% THC

Indica Hybrid

Calming and euphoric effects.

Great nighttime herb!

Certificate of Analysis


In the Redwoods

In the Pines x Chem D - 17.8% THC


Great daytime smoke! Happy, focused.

Certificate of Analysis


Pinkle Jam

Pinkleberry Kush x Jamaican Lions - 13.7% THC

Pretty bud with pink hairs and a bright aroma.

Certificate of Analysis

Athena Cherry Kush

Athena Sour x Cherry Pie x Black DOG Kush - 17% THC

Certificate of Analysis

Red Rosebud

Rosebud x Lavender Haze X G13 x Goo - 12%THC, 3%CBD

Certificate of Analysis

Cosmic Lotus

Lemon Bliss

2017 flavors that we are bringing back for 2019!

Lemon Diesel  photo by Erica Edwards @the_Stoned_Pixie

Lemon Diesel photo by Erica Edwards @the_Stoned_Pixie

Lemon Diesel

Profile: Sativa Dominant, Lemon Kush x True OG

Nose: Lemon zest, honey, fuel

Effects: Creative & social, day or night